First Trailer For Kate Beckinsale’s Whiteout

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Ever since the classic Sci-Fi horror film “The Thing” starring Kurt Russell I have had a thing for the claustrophobic, snow blind, arctic isolation movie. Will the elements get you? Will you end up a frozen corpsicle or will the killer get you and leave your probably still frozen body staining the Antarctic snow red? In the trailer for “WhiteOut”, starring Kate Beckinsale and The Spirit’s Gabriel Macht, the elements will blind you while the killer does his evil business, picking off the sexy scientists at McMurdo station. Via Slashfilm.


Author: endymion

Endy is a slightly mangy and gristly citizen of the Great White North. He loves movies big time. How big? In Canada, back in the old days in the ice city where he lived, there would just be one theatre that would be allowed to show any given movie. Some of these theatres were not the giganto-plex or mall theatres that we know and love today. No no, these were the kind of theatres where you had to wait Outside to see a movie. When a big moving picture would open in these single theatres, beaver pelt sporting fellas like Endy would have to wait outside in line for hours while fighting off the human hankering giant Polar Bear or packs of Endy knawing timber wolves. Endy is a dedicated movie watcher. Otherwise, Endy loves him a good Moose jerky, football teams with manly names like the Steelers or Vikings and the thawing embrace of his fine German woman. All these things are good. But you know what is best.