First Trailer for Moonlight Savage is Puzzling. Very, Very Puzzling.

I was hoping that the first trailer for director Zhang Li’s upcoming effort “Moonlight Savage” — or “Mysterious Fobber”, if you prefer — would kind of help shed some like on what, exactly, the movie is supposed to be about. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In fact, it seems I’m even more perplexed than I was when I first stumbled across the movie last week. Judging from the previously-released pics, I thought we were dealing with an action movie. After watching the embedded trailer, I’m really not sure what in the hell we’re dealing with.

Right now, all we have is this trailer. It’s pretty intriguing, but it’s certainly not what I had anticipated. But don’t take my word for it — place your eyeballs all over the video you see below. It’s pretty peculiar. Hopefully we’ll get a synopsis soon.

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