First Trailer for Roy Chow’s Rise of the Legend is Stylish and Action Packed

Rise of the Legend (2014) Movie Poster

Does the world really need a reboot of director Tsui Hark’s kung fu classic “Once Upon a Time in China”? Eh, not really. But if someone insists on giving us one, then at least it looks like Roy Chow’s “Rise of the Legend.” And if you’re gonna shove this reboot down our throats, then at least we get some Sammo Hung in the process. Why? Because Sammo Hung is a certified badass. Sometimes that’s enough for this geek to give filmmakers a pass. Not that they need my approval, of course. I’m just saying.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, the powers that be have bestowed upon us a wonderfully charming and action-packed trailer for Chow’s upcoming fight flick “Rise of the Legend.” To sweeten the deal, we also have a handful of character posters. If you needed something martial arts-related to gawk at for a few minutes, then we’ve got you covered. Feel free to thank us later. Right now, let’s get to the good stuff.

“Rise of the Legend stars Wang Luodan, Sammo Hung, and Peng Yuyan as Wong Fei-Hung. The flick hits theaters in China this November.

Via : Martial Arts Movie Junkie