First Trailer for the Direct-to-Video Sequel Death Race: Inferno

Tanit Phoenix in Death Race Inferno (2012) Movie Image

Who in their right mind wants another installment in the “Death Race” series, you ask? Me, for one, and apparently a few other people, as well. There has to be a demand for these flicks, otherwise Paul W.S. Anderson and company wouldn’t keep farting these things out, right? For better or for worse, Roel Reiné, also known as king of the straight-to-DVD sequel, is preparing to unleash “Death Race: Inferno” upon the masses. Luke Goss is back in the saddle as Carl Lucas, otherwise known as Frankenstein. From the looks of the trailer, this follow-up appears to be more of the same. From where I’m seated, that’s certainly good news.

You know you want to have a look at this synopsis:

In this installment, convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, is a superstar driver in the brutal prison yard demolition derby known as Death Race. Only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew, Lucas is plunged into an all-new competition more vicious than anything he has experienced before. Pitted against his most ruthless adversaries ever, Lucas fights to keep himself and his team alive in a race in South Africa ‘s infernal Kalahari Desert. With powerful forces at work behind the scenes to ensure his defeat, will Lucas’ determination to win at all costs mean the end of the road for him?

Also slated to star in “Death Race: Inferno” are Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames, Robin Shou, Fred Koelher, Dougray Scott, and Hlubi Mboya. Presently, a release date has not been set. When you’re ready to have a look at the trailer, direct your eyeballs to the video below.

Driving onto DVD and Blu-ray early 2013.