First Trailer for The Saint Reboot TV Series

Adam Rayner in THE SAINT

“The Saint” is apparently pretty popular, because there hasn’t been one TV series, there have been two in the past. Now you can add a third, with Adam Rayner (of Cinemax’s short-lived “Hunted” with Melissa George) slipping on the halo as the titular master thief/expert at everything Simon Templar. This time around, though, Templar’s got a sexy hacker/kick-ass co-star in Eliza Dushku.

Check out the first trailer for the new “Saint” TV series, the pilot episode of which was directed by feature film director Simon West. Like most extended trailers for TV shows, this one basically gives away the entire pilot from start to finish. They have to, it’s how they try to hook you into showing up for the show.

“The Saint” also stars James Remar, Enrique Murciano, Thomas Kretschmann, and Greg Grunberg. Roger Moore, who starred as Templar in the 1960s version of “The Saint”, returns along with Ian Ogilvy, who starred as Templar in the rebooted ’70s “Return of the Saint” series. It looks like they’re creating quite the back-story for the character on the new show, one of those whole arching mythology stuff.

The show is currently selling overseas, and the trailer looks harmless enough (no hints of gratuitous nudity, sex, and plenty of cartoonish violence) that it could very well land at a basic cable network in the States.

Via : Deadlie