First Trailer for Wang Bing’s Bloody Doll is All Kinds of Bizarre


Bloody Doll (2013) Movie Image

As my love affair with the horror genre winds down, I find myself starting to gravitate towards the genre’s more outlandish offerings. If something kooky, crazy, or flat-out odd isn’t happening every 15 minutes, then I don’t want any part of it. Call me crazy, but spending time with the “Killjoy” series sounds far more appealing than any of those Ethan Hawke horror flicks. Yeesh.

Director Wang Bing’s “Bloody Doll” definitely looks like my kind of jam. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in the trailer, and I really don’t think it matters much. Taiwanese actor Jiro Wang stars as a bank employee who gets locked inside a secret chamber filled with all sorts of supernatural nastiness. From the looks of things, the cast will have more than bloody dolls to worry about.

Also along for the ride are Zhou Qiqi, Don Li, Jiang Jing, Shen Xinong, Lin Ji, and Liu Mu. The film opens in China on July 19, 2013. When you’re ready to witness the craziness for yourself, the “Bloody Doll” trailer is included below. It’s pretty outlandish stuff, so don’t blame me if it makes your eyes roll.

Bloody Doll (2013) Movie Poster

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Author: Todd Rigney

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    Nuckin Futs!

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    this guy the one who post the article mm.. clearly uve never played Silent hill 1 to 4 or even Shadows of the damned!!! nothing that foreign this tráiler is but nice u got ur eyes rolled XD

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      they should really make a silent hill movie….a japanese movie