Five Directors Tackle Four Tales in the South Korean Genre Flick Horror Stories

Usually I don’t do anthologies. Although I absolutely love short stories in literary form, I’m not the biggest fan of their cinematic counterparts. There are, of course, a few exceptions to this rule — “Two Evil Eyes” and “Trick R Treat” are couple of examples — but as a general rule, I don’t seek them out. That being said, I do feel the South Korean genre outing “Horror Stories” has potential. The country’s fear-based output is generally pretty entertaining, even when it sucks.

Check out this synopsis, courtesy of 24 Frames per Second:

HORROR STORIES, the horror omnibus film of five episodes by five filmmakers including Jeong Bum Shik (EPITAPH), Kim Gok and Kim Sun(WHITE), Hong Ji Young (THE NAKED KITCHEN), Yim Dae Woong (MY TEACHER) and Min Gyu Dong (MEMENTO MORI, ANTIQUE), who finished the bridge cuts connecting all episodes. All the episodes are combined in a film-in-film structure provided by a story of a young girl who is kidnapped by a serial killer who cannot sleep until he listens to a story horrifying to death. All directors – except Hong – made horror films before present distinctive styles and themes of their own in the frame of traditional horror conventions. Introducing classic elements of horror films like zombie, serial killer, each episode addresses different social issues of contemporary Korea from laborer’s reality to vulgar capitalist desires. Unlike its past years of having best time in summer season, Korean horror seems top keep losing its attraction recently. Hopefully, HORROR STORIES will fuel the heat of Korean horror films, again.

Regarding the individual stories, here’s what you’re getting:

1. DON’T ANSWER TO THE DOOR:Two kids left alone at home at late night and a stranger attacks them. All they could do is hide from the stranger and pray their mother to be back soon.

2. ENDLESS FLIGHT: After murdering series of people including a flight attendant the killer is being transferred by a plane on which the killed flight attendant should have been.

3. SECRET RECIPE: Two step sisters fight to marry a rich old man. But what they don’t know is his secret to maintain his young face.

4. AMBULANCE ON THE DEATH ZONE: Zombie virus has attacked the country, and no one trusts each other.

Look for “Horror Stories” — a fitting title, I think — to scare up some business in South Korean theaters this July. I’m guessing an English-subtitle DVD will pop up before the end of the year. If you’re interested in the recently-released trailer, take a peek at the clip below.

Via : Film Smash