Five Halloween Clips


myers-side.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) It’s almost here…

Rob Zombie’s stylish re-invention of the classic Halloween franchise is set to take a stab — pun intended :) — at the [currently] horror-unfriendly box-office crowd in a matter of 9 days. Whether it falls into “eternal summer fright flick damnation” (ala Hostel II, Captivity and just about every other genre picture released since mid-June) remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that the hard-rocker’s remake will elicit some powerful reactions among the horror crowd.

Those dreadful folks over at Dread-Central — hilarious, aren’t I? — scored a whopping 5 clips (3 of which making their online debut) of the upcoming Michael Myers opus. With titles like “Escape”, “Mask”, “Joe Grizzly”, “Open The Door” and “Boogeyman”,  these 5 re-edited clippets feature a hefty amount of Myers mayhem that promise that The Shape is back and more vicious than we’ve seen him before. Be advised though that they do contain a few “boo moment” SPOILERS.


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  • Tanat_zen123

    Michael Myers Height
    Halloween (1978) Myers Height 178 cm
    Halloween II (1981) Myers Height 175 cm
    Halloween 4 (1988) Myers Height 189 cm
    Halloween 5 (1989) Myers Height 185 cm
    Halloween 6 (1995) Myers Height 189 cm
    Halloween H20 (1998) Myers Height 188 cm
    Halloween 8 (2002) Myers Height 188 cm
    Halloween New (2007-2009) Myers Height 203 cm

  • Tanat_zen123

    Michael Myers Foot Height 1978-1981
    Halloween (1978) Myers Bootextra Height 183 cm
    Halloween II (1981) Myers Bootextra Height 179 cm