Five Minutes of Liam Neeson Kicking, Punching and Shooting People in Taken

We reviewed Liam Neeson’s “Taken” last year (read that brilliant review here and behold its brilliance), but the film’s only now getting a Stateside release, and is scheduled to hit malls and multiplexes January 30, 2009. The French-made and set film is directed by Pierre Morel (“Banlieu 13”), and comes from Luc Besson’s Action Movie a Week factory, which pretty much translates into a movie that’s heavy on action with a barely passable storyline. You know, your average Luc Besson-written/produced action movie. Mind you, not that that’s a bad thing, given the premise of “Taken”: Liam Neeson is an ex-spy who destroys half of France in an attempt to retrieve his daughter, who has been abducted by Albanian slavers.

The five-minute clip below pretty much lays out the story act-by-act, and even shows you the final 10 minutes or so when Neeson’s character finally locates his daughter, played by Maggie Grace, and goes on a kidney punching spree that eventually involves taking on one of those Middle Eastern harem collecting douche bags.

Fun times, fun times…