Five Victims — er, Actors — for Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods

Although they’ve landed two old guys and now four young kids for their mysteriously titled “Cabin in the Woods”, producer/writers/director Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard still refuses to tell us what their movie is all about. I’m guessing Whedon is keeping it a secret because he’s afraid the FOX network will love it so much and try to buy it, only to bury it on Friday nights and watch it die a slow death. Either that, or he’s just being a tease, and no one likes a tease, Joss.

THR reports that five actors have accepted Whedon and Goddard’s invite for a little jaunt in the woods in their little unknown horror project. (Whedon will produce and co-write the screenplay, while Goddard will direct.) We are assuming, of course, that Kristen Connolly (pictured, top left), Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison (pictured, below), Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams have been told what the movie is about once they arrived on set. They join a cast that previously included old dudes Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford.

The script for “Cabin in the Woods” has been described as “genre-tweaking”, which can only mean one thing… Well I don’t really know what it means, but I’m sure it’ll be tweak-tastic. The film has also been moved from its original release date of October 23 to February 5, presumably to avoid direct competition with this year’s “Saw” release.