Five Women Who Could Play Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman by Alex Ross

Uber producer Joel Silver has already expressed his desire to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen, but if he succeeds, who should play Wonder Woman? A couple of names come immediately to mind that could (literally) fill out the role like they were born to it, but a lack of name recognition may mean they’re left off the casting couch. One of the biggest criteria with casting the right Wonder Woman is the body — the actress simply has to be tall enough, and with enough muscle mass, to make the role work, so in that respect, someone like 4-foot-something Rachel Bilson would be out of the question.

There are no directors, no script, and nothing has been set in stone, but Silver has said many times that he wants to get a Wonder Woman movie made, and he uses his pursuit of getting the Speed Racer movie made as evidence that what Joel Silver wants, Joel Silver gets. Eventually.

So with that in mind, here are our suggestions on five women who we think should at least be given a shot at auditioning for Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie. What do all these women have in common? For one, they’re very easy on the eyes, but more importantly, they all have street cred with the fanboys, and as we all know, there’s nothing “streetier” than comic book reading fanboys.

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