Footage And Photos From The World War Z Set

World War Z (2012) Movie Set Image

Ready or not, “World War Z”, the adaptation of the best selling horror novel by Max Brooks, is coming your way. The zombie tale is currently filming in Glasgow, Scotland, and the locals seem to be pretty camera happy. While I imagine that hordes of gawkers snapping photographs and video is probably rather annoying to the cast and crew, it’s good news for those of us halfway around the globe since now we’re getting glimpses of what the movie will look like.

The novel is set 10 years after a global zombie epidemic and is an oral history told from many perspectives around the world. Brad Pitt is playing a U.N. worker gathering stories of the great zombie war, and his Plan B shingle is producing. Mireille Enos (“Big Love”, “The Killing”) will play his wife, a mother of two girls, and Anthony Mackie co-stars.

The footage shows some nice zombie-chase mayhem, and the stills looks suitably apocalyptic, though it remains to be seen how closely the movie will follow the book. Read more about that here.

“World War Z” is directed by Marc Forester (“Quantum of Solace”) and shambles into theaters December 21, 2012.

World War Z (2012) Movie Set Image

Brad Pitt in World War Z (2012) Movie Set Image