For Some Reason The Simpsons are Still on the Air, but May Not be for Long


The Simpsons TV SeriesHey, guess what, Fox’s “The Simpsons” is still on the air! Yup, it’s true. While you, me, and most people who grew up with the show have, you know, grown up and moved on to bigger and better things (and better shows), there are apparently still enough of you young’uns tuning in on Sundays to keep the show running. Bart et al are currently in their 23rd season, and while the episodes have gotten slicker, it hasn’t necessarily, well, gotten funnier.

“The Simpsons” is a major cash cow for Fox, with merchandising and 23 years and hundreds of episodes airing all around the world and in every language imaginable. Which may explain why Fox doesn’t seem to particularly care if they lose the show now, and might even cancel the dysfunctional yellow clan of Springfield if they can’t reach an agreement with the show’s voice cast for a whopping 45% pay cut.

At the present, Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Lisa Yeardley Smith are all making $8 million per year. Fox would like them to make only $4 million or thereabouts, ludicrously claiming that without the pay cut, they wouldn’t be able to “afford” to make the show. I think we are supposed to believe this. Yes, Fox, we totally believe that you would be in the poor house if those voice actors don’t take a pay cut. Absolutely.

Let’s be honest here: Fox doesn’t think it needs fresh episodes of “The Simpsons” anymore, and they’re probably right. They’ve got enough episodes to keep on making more money with the property for a long, long time. The network doesn’t really need new episodes every Sunday, not after 23 years in the can. Right now, it’s essentially telling the voice cast to either give in or lose their cushy job.

Of course, I could be wrong. Then again, the last time I saw a “Simpsons” episode, I stumbled across it after being too lazy to change the channel after Sunday afternoon football. It was, uh, okay. I think Bart was trying to sell nuclear secrets to the Chinese for a bike or something…

Author: Nix

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  • Daniel Saner

    I agree that the strongest years for the Simpsons were the early ones. These days, they are too “slick” as you put it, too topical, too exaggerated, and the characters have become too stereotypical. But at least judging by the earlier episodes, I am adamant that The Simpsons are not a show that you grow out of, but that you grow to like even more, for different reasons, as you get older. At least that’s the case for me.

    Still, even though I most enjoy the early seasons, I have always loyally watched the new episodes as well. There is simply no other cartoon comedy that is even remotely as funny. It is hard to imagine life after The Simpsons. Maybe this was what the Mayans were on to with their 2012 fuss?

  • Fatdongs

    South Park is excellent but they are not really comparable shows. I’d hope that would be obvious…

    Also, most institutions consider the simpsons the greatest show of all-time. As a result, this is pretty significant to say the least. The condescending tone isn’t appreciated for people who have literally grown up with the series. The show is not what it once was but is still one of the best things on tv. Its similar to woody Allen. When you’ve produced some of the greatest films of all-time anything less is going to have the cynics circling. The lesser is still better than almost everybody else. Also the idea of moving onto better shows is strange seeing as in its prime nothing has ever been better. Comedians swear by it and the world loves it. There will never be another show like the simpsons and I desperately hope this isn’t the end.

    • Nix

      For someone who calls himself “Fatdongs”, you sure sound overly serious and overly earnest about a cartoon TV show…

  • LionHeart

    A world without new episodes of The Simpsons is a world not worth living in. It’s past its prime, but certainly still better than the likes of newer shows like The Cleveland Show.

    Shame on you, Nix.