Forbidden (2002) Movie Review

“Forbidden” is one of many softcore films you’ll find littering the landscape of late-night cable, most notably on channels like Cinemax, also known as Skinmax for their penchant for showing cheap softcore sex films to insomniacs. “Forbidden” was directed by Robert Kubilos, who was responsible for two of the “Embrace the Darkness” movies. Here, Kubilos is working from a script by Eric Mittleman, about a married man who discovers that his best friend’s fianc’e is actually the woman he had an affair with on the night of his bachelor party. And the catch? Mister Married Man is still in love with her.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that “Forbidden” is better than the average film in its genre, since without the presence of an unrated version, the film would look just as terribly chopped to pieces — in order to conform to broadcasting standards — as all the others. But being that this review is for the unrated version, I am happy to report that “Forbidden” certainly lives up to its promise of providing skin, simulated sex, more skin, and even more simulated sex.

On those fronts, you couldn’t go wrong with “Forbidden”. The combination of attractive people plus energetic romps provide for an entertaining, albeit empty, viewing. As a bonus, the acting isn’t bad. Obviously no one is going to win any Oscars out of this bunch, but you could watch a hundred films in the genre and not find four actors who can rightfully be called “actors”. The cast here deserves to be called actors. Not just that, but the energy displayed in the sex scenes is outstanding.

Our stars are Dillon Silver as Jason, the married man who still holds a torch for his one-night stand. The one-night stand is Renee Rea, a perky little blonde who changes her name after the encounter. The “other woman” (since Rea is so obviously the female lead here) is Tracy Ryan, playing the tall, statuesque wife who Jason nevertheless defers for Monique/Nikki. The best friend is played by Jason Schnuit, a long-time veteran of the genre. In fact, all the actors have traveled this road many times before with the exception of Silver.

Not surprisingly, “Forbidden’s” cast is appropriately attractive. In particular Tracy Ryan, with her lean physique and model face. Not that Renee Rea is a slouch in the looks department, but she’s a minor totem below Ryan in physical attractiveness. Then again, Rea is insanely perky, so maybe that affords her some bonus points. The script gives both women individual personalities, with some leeway for Ryan’s Lisa to be less than sympathetic. Again, it’s obvious Rea is the assumed female lead here, as her character, despite her tendency to sleep around, is nevertheless scheduled for a halo fitting. Sure, she’s trampy, but she’s really nice.

There isn’t much to the plot, which seems to be the plan. Too much plot would just get in the way of all the simulated sex. Such as it is, the plot concerns Jason and Lisa as they visit Andy and his new fianc’e. At Andy’s house, passions get inflamed and a lot of pseudo sex is had by all. What more could you ask for in your softcore films? There’s even an attempt at a plot twist toward the end, but who cares really? Certainly no one who would pick up this movie based on its title and its tempting cover to begin with.

FYI: there is a very big difference between the unrated and rated version, so depending on why you pick up these movies in the first place, make your choices accordingly.

Robert Kubilos (director) / Eric Mittleman (screenplay)
CAST: Dillon Silver …. Jason
Renee Rea …. Monique/Nikki
Tracy Ryan …. Lisa
Jason Schnuit …. Andy

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