Forbidden Love and Strained Friendships in First Trailer for Two Mothers

Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville in Two Mothers (2013) Movie Image

Yeah, this is going to end well. What could possibly go wrong with sleeping with your best friend’s mother? Oh wait, so then your best friend decides to sleep with your mother to get back at you? And the two of you end up falling love? Oh yeah, this is going to work out well.

I see a happily ever after ending on the horizon! (Um, not really.)

Take a look at the first trailer for “Coco Before Chanel” director Anne Fontaine’s “Two Mothers” (called “Perfect Mothers” in France, apparently), based on the book by Doris Lessing. The film recently played at Sundance last month, but as far as I know, there is no word of a Stateside release date yet. The topic might be a tad too spicy for prudish American audiences for the film to open too wide, so you’re probably looking at a limited arthouse run before a VOD/DVD release.

Starring Naomi Watts, Robin Wright, Xavier Samuel, Ben Mendelsohn, Sophie Lowe, James Frecheville, Gary Sweet, and Jessica Tovey.

Via : Digital Spy