Forget Tights, Green Lantern’s Suit Will be all CG

Or mostly computer-generated, anyway. That’s according to Slashfilm, who says they’ve confirmed the news with multiple sources and are willing to stake their first born on it. Well, their reputation, anyway. So what’s the dealio? Apparently in order to get that “alien” vibe they want all the GL suits to have, director Martin Campbell and company, along with costume designer Ngila Dickson (she’s done work on a little something you might have heard of called “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy?) have fashioned a rather novel approach.

Instead of Ryan Reynolds walking around New Orleans (where the film is currently shooting) in tight spandex, he will be doing his Green Lantern heroic stuff while wearing “a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights”, which will allow the filmmakers to add the suit itself in post via them fancy computers. This will give the suit an “other worldly” appearance, and “a manifestation of [Hal Jordan’s] power”, whatever that means.

In short, you wouldn’t be able to make a “Green Lantern” movie ten years ago, so if nothing else, Ryan Reynolds won’t look like any superhero you’ve seen before.

Meanwhile, here’s what crashed alien Abin Sur’s ship looks like (via CBM):