Forget Tights, Green Lantern’s Suit Will be all CG


Or mostly computer-generated, anyway. That’s according to Slashfilm, who says they’ve confirmed the news with multiple sources and are willing to stake their first born on it. Well, their reputation, anyway. So what’s the dealio? Apparently in order to get that “alien” vibe they want all the GL suits to have, director Martin Campbell and company, along with costume designer Ngila Dickson (she’s done work on a little something you might have heard of called “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy?) have fashioned a rather novel approach.

Instead of Ryan Reynolds walking around New Orleans (where the film is currently shooting) in tight spandex, he will be doing his Green Lantern heroic stuff while wearing “a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights”, which will allow the filmmakers to add the suit itself in post via them fancy computers. This will give the suit an “other worldly” appearance, and “a manifestation of [Hal Jordan's] power”, whatever that means.

In short, you wouldn’t be able to make a “Green Lantern” movie ten years ago, so if nothing else, Ryan Reynolds won’t look like any superhero you’ve seen before.

Meanwhile, here’s what crashed alien Abin Sur’s ship looks like (via CBM):

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Makes sense kinda. The suit itself is just another ring construct, and can be put on or removed with a thought. So it being CG works. That said it'd better look cool, and not basically CG spandex.

  • ulik

    I think it makes sense for him to wear a real GL suit then layer the CGI effects on top along with the rings effects. Making the whole entire suit CGI without a real foundation sounds stupid to me.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I'd rather they go that route, or at least like “Tron Legacy” and add effects later, but I can see why they'd go that route. If they made a suit it'd be recognizeable as an earthly material or something close to it. Going cg would allow it to have textures you may not be able to achieve with actual fabrics. I also think the tracking suit should have a working GL ingignia that lights up or something. kinda like the blue leds on the suit Billy Crudup wore on set as Dr. Manhattan

  • Nytmaer

    ?This is kind of well bullshit. You see when Jaron Pitts made the Green Lantern Fan Trailer on youtube with Nathan FIllion. He gave had to use motion tracking technology (thru after effects) to keep the suit on Nathan. They recently filed to have the video taken down but it is still up in other places. I think that maybe the producers didn't want a fan taking their thunder away, even though the fanf ilm was made before the film even went into production.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    DOubt it was about stealing thunder so much as usng the idea. But still I see where you're coming from. I do still think that it'll be interesting. I mean it won't just be the suit but the aura too. Maybe they'll find a way to make the aura come from the actual suit. As if it glows.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Though that was a mighty fine fan trailer. Epic even. If DC's flick has half the action in this trailer we'll be very lucky.

  • Nytmaer

    Sorry for the typos. I had just woke

  • victor

    Terrible idea. I'm sure it will look fine but the point of GL is that he is also just a man. The RING is celestial but HE is terrestrial. The suit should be real world fabric. Sure this is hard to pull off without it looking dumb butnthat's why you cast a STAR. Someone with the “it” factor like Christopher Reeves. He SOLD the costume. I guess the GL producers know in their hearts that Reynolds lacks the chops to “sell” the GL suit. CG to the rescue! The bar gets ever lower…

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Eh Reynolds wasn't my first choice, but he's far from being a bad actor. As for the suit, I have to disagree. Yes Hal is a man but thse suit comes from the ring. It's a contruct just like the giant Ramheaded battering rams and boxing gloves. I think not being a real world fabric adds to the extra terrestrial nature of the ring, the powers, and the GL Corps it self. I was thinking a metallic or pearlescent look, but one that would only reflect the color green. No blues, purples, or whatever when you look at a different angle. Something along those lines would be hard to make as a real costume and look decent. That was just an idea of something theymay go for.

  • tbone

    I think he shuld be nekkid!