Forget Toy Story, Make Way For The Troll Doll Movie

It looks like DreamWorks is fluro green with envy (like the doll’s hair, right? Ha…). While Pixar is making loads of money off “Toy Story 3”, DreamWorks Animations has announced that it may make its own toy story based around those popular little dolls with the brightly coloured hairdos, Troll Dolls.

Variety reports that DreamWorks has bought the rights to the Troll Dolls franchise, and they’ve already hired screen-writing duo Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio to pen the script. It also looks like they’ve got quite a backstory to work with, too. The dolls have been around since the late 50s and, as Total Film has pointed out, they even had their own early morning cartoon show.

Besides the fact that they have awesomely colored hairdos, I can’t shake the fact that they look, well, kinda creepy. It doesn’t help that, in almost every image I can find, they’re lined up like beady-eyed, little soldiers.