Forgotten Action Cinema: Future Kick

Future Kick (1991) Movie PosterDirector Damian Klaus’s 1991 post-apocalyptic epic “Future Kick” is an epic failure. An entertaining failure, mind you, but a failure nonetheless. Seriously, folks: If you’re going to cast Don “The Dragon” Wilson in your ridiculously low-budget Roger Corman-produced sci-fi actioner, why would you skimp on the fight scenes? After all, watching Meg Foster wobble dangerously from scene-to-scene isn’t anyone’s definition of a good time, especially when you dropped a few hard-earned dollars to watch our hero future kick the liquid crap out of bad guys. Although there are a few interesting sequences sprinkled throughout, I just wish there were more to go around. After all, the film does have the work “kick” in the title. The storyline, meanwhile, is essentially a severely misguided amalgamation of every sci-fi movie you’ve ever seen in your entire life. However, instead of high-quality special effects and a moderately coherent script, you get Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Chris Penn. Only hardcore fans of the light heavyweight kickboxing champion need apply; everyone else is just asking for an evening of unfulfilled promises and shattered dreams. Furthermore, the film never properly presents its audience with a clear, uncompromising look at the future of kicking. And while I’m fairly certain the eventual evolution of this seemingly universal fighting style is going to rock my block with supersonic shocks, there simply aren’t any revelations to be found in “Future Kick”. Check out the trailer below if you’re at all curious.