Forgotten Action Cinema: Kung Fu Zombie

Though this sickly green globe we call Earth has been lovingly graced with an unhealthy abundance of bizarre, over-the-top kung fu movies, few of them actually come close to matching the undeniably goofy charm of “Hard Way to Die” director I-Jung Hua’s comedic martial arts romp “Kung Fu Zombie”. This insanely kinetic motion picture — an obvious rip-off of professional badass Sammo Hung’s enjoyable farce “Encounters of the Spooky Kind” — is internally optimized with the same unique brand of reckless abandon found swimming casually throughout cult favorite Sam Raimi’s earlier, more inspired work. Lifting countless ideas from a number of obvious sources, Hua delivers his wacky, off-the-wall material with his gore-soaked tongue pressed firmly into his partially-digested cheek. Additionally, the film’s numerous high-energy fight scenes help prevent the story’s sillier moments from ruling the roost. Highly recommended And while “Kung Fu Zombie” never triumphantly soars beyond the zany brilliance of, say, “Evil Dead” or Peter Jackson’s unforgettable “Braindead”, it’s really not too far off the mark. Plus, it stars Billy Chong, and you can never go wrong with some Billy Chong, especially when zombies are involved. This one is aimed directly at fans of exceptionally bad martial arts movies, and can be found for next to nothing on DVD. If you stumble across it, drop a few bones and take this gem home with you. Test the waters by checking out the video embedded below.