Forgotten Action Cinema: Omega Cop

Although you won’t find his name listed anywhere within the annals of cinematic history, martial arts wizard and part-time B-movie icon Ron Marchini is, in my humble opinion, the quintessential action hero for our disastrous day and age. How so, you ask? The answer, my dear friends, lies deep inside Paul Kyriazi’s zany 1990 post-apocalyptic wake-up call “Omega Cop”, a film which thoughtfully explores what, exactly, a one-man army would do if he or she were forced to contend with ruffians and scoundrels in a savage world where water is a commodity. Set to what can only be described as faux oldies music, Marchini struggles to protect a trio of curvy females from a morally bankrupt clan of redneck kung fu experts while making sure his beloved police-issued hat doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The film, while entertaining, is the sort of zero-grade, third-tier malarkey that often finds its way onto local television channels in the wee hours of the night, complete with scantily clad women, Adam West, and plenty of memorable lines of horrendous dialogue. Of course, if you’re in the market for an action picture that actually requires little brain power and, perhaps, more than a little patience, “Omega Cop” should do the trick with little to no visible side effects the next day. Do keep your eyes peeled for the sequel “Karate Cop”, as it makes a swell companion piece.