Forgotten Action Cinema: Second Sight

Brought to you by the Lorimar Film Entertainment, the company responsible for such unforgettable motion pictures as “Action Jackson”, “The Last Starfighter”, and “The Boy Who Could Fly”, director Joel “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Zwick’s tepid 1989 comedy “Second Sight” probably has more in common with Lorimar’s wonky television output than their aforementioned cinematic efforts. This may have something to do with the presence of both John Larroquette (“Night Court”) and Bronson Pinchot (“Perfect Strangers”), two actors whose talents are probably better suited to the small screen. And while I wouldn’t necessarily call this flick an action movie, it employs just enough “buddy cop” conventions to qualify as such in my book. The film follows the exploits of the Second Sight Detective agency, a private investigate firm that comes packaged with an amazing gimmick: Bobby (Pinchot) is a certified psychic with a host of powers at his disposable, all of which he uses to help solve what few cases the agency manages to land. Their stock is suddenly on the rise after they’re hired by the local police department to track down a kidnapped Catholic Cardinal, a mission that pushes the detectives to their breaking point. Well, not really, but there are a number of goofy, poorly-connected set pieces designed around Bobby’s many abilities.

From the back of the VHS box:

How do you solve the mysterious case of which comedy to watch? Which one has the hippest humor? The hottest talents? The wildest one-liners? The answer’s easy. Use a little “Second Sight” and it’s case closed. Because “Second Sight’s” squad of supernatural super sleuths can only mean super fun.

John Larroquette (four-time Emmy Award-winning star of “Night Court”) and Bronson Pinchot (“Beverly Hills Cop”, “Perfect Strangers”) team up with otherworld (sic) forces to make sure lawbreakers don’t have a ghost of a chance. They’re the detectives — and sometimes defectives — who don’t have a clue. Which means you’ll have all the fun!

They don’t write bullshit like that, anymore.

Most viewers will probably give up on Pinchot’s schtick by the half-hour mark, and, truthfully, I can’t say that I’d blame them. The story is as weak and cliche as they come; there’s never a moment when Bobby isn’t doing something wacky, zany, or outrageous in an effort to distract you from the fact that the storyline is much better suited to “The Father Dowling Mysteries” than a theatrically-released motion picture. However, if you enjoy such brainless 80’s junk food as “The Wrong Guys”, “Off Beat”, and the “Police Academy” franchise, you may find “Second Sight” to be amusing. Not great, mind you, but amusing. Check out the trailer, as well as an interesting interview with Pinchot shortly after the film’s release, embedded below.