Forgotten Action Cinema: Street Asylum

I was drawn to the VHS copy of softcore porn veteran Gregory Dark’s 1990 sci-fi thriller “Street Asylum” because of the picture of G. Gordon Liddy as a cyborg on the cover. Sadly, this scene does not appear anywhere in the film, a fact which sadden me to no end. Would I have purchased the flick had I known Liddy would not appear as some sort of half-man, half-robot? Probably not, though I’m certainly glad I did. “Street Asylum” follows the adventures of a Arliss Ryder (Wings Hauser), a cop who finds himself being recruited into a division of the police force known as Strike Squad after he’s injured in the line of duty. What our hero doesn’t realize, of course, is that someone is playing a deadly game, one that involves the lives of those dedicated officers who would love nothing more than to cleanse the streets of crime. As Ryder succumbs to his animalistic urges, he begins his own covert investigation into the mysterious deaths of his Strike Squad partners, both of which died under very odd circumstances. Not surprisingly, the film is ripe with cinematic stupidity, including an extremely uncomfortable momens involving a pair of street thugs and a horny homosexual cop who thoroughly enjoys tasting his own bodily fluids. Trust me — it’s weird. Hauser, meanwhile, chews scenery whenever he can, which is a definite plus given that the storyline is dead on arrival. If you can find a copy of “Street Asylum”, by all means, pick it up. Just don’t expect to see G. Gordon Liddy as a man-bot. I’m still disappointed.