Forgotten Action Cinema: Surf Nazis Must Die

Peter George’s insanely tasteless 1987 oddity “Surf Nazis Must Die” was an integral part of my DIY B-movie education. As sad as it may sound, this strange and frequently illogical little tale of one mother’s quest to obliterate the neo-Nazi turds who murdered her son in cold blood was one of my absolute favorites. While brutally entertaining in its own weird way, “Surf Nazis Must Die” is full of missed opportunities, superfluous surfing footage, and one hopelessly awful soundtrack. Had screenwriters Jon Ayre and Peter George concentrated solely on our heroine’s mission to brutally plant these whiny pukes into the sand using whatever means necessary, the film probably wouldn’t sag as much as it currently does. Don’t get me wrong — watching spoiled surf nazis attempt to take over California’s picturesque beaches is certain good for a laugh or two, but an entire feature-length motion picture dedicated to their incessant whining and complaining will only test your patience in the long run. In fact, the only thing that may keep most mainstream audience members watching beyond the 30-minute mark is Gail Neely, whose turn as Eleanor “Mama” Washington is both strangely comedic and subtly depressing. If you’re a Troma completist, the film is practically is required viewing, as it’s definitely one of the odder, more subdued titles in the distributor’s deep catalog of bizarro titles. The rest of you, however, might want to stay away.