Forgotten Action Cinema: TC 2000

When you stop to ponder how many times Billy Blanks gets his ass kicked over the course of T.J. Scott’s dorky science fiction actioner “TC 2000”, you seriously start to question his status as an action hero. I’m not saying that he has to coast through the entire picture without getting a few scratches on his angular puss, but it would be nice to see him completely overwhelm his decidedly outclassed opponents without getting his posterior handed to him in the process. Of course, if you shortened the action sequences, you’d realize that there’s not much of a story to speak of, no intricate plotting supporting the picture’s countless corridor-centric set pieces. The film’s only saving grace — besides watching Bobbie Phillips obliterate her enemies while wearing a ridiculously cheesy albeit realistically futuristic S&M costume — is the presence of martial arts veteran Bolo Yeung, who is featured prominently towards the second half of the feature. Although his dialogue is extremely limited, his penchant for beating a severe amount of ass makes up for the guy’s lack of verbal correspondence. Those of us who like our dodgy martial arts flicks laced with generic sci-fi overtones will openly embrace “TC 2000” for all the wrong reasons. God bless the 90’s. And isn’t Billy Blanks due for a big-screen cinematic revival? Given the state of the American box office, “TC 3000” honestly doesn’t sound that far fetched. Call me if you need a script.