Forgotten Action Cinema: The Order of the Black Eagle

A legion of modern-day Nazis are operating within the jungles of South America, and it’s up to international secret agent Duncan Jax to take them down. What he doesn’t know, of course, is that these nefarious villains are keeping Adolph Hitler alive through the use of cryogenics. Did I mention they also have a high tech death ray at their disposal? Director Worth Keeler — who would go on to direct several episodes of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” — pulls out all the stops in this enjoyably over-the-top 80’s action extravaganza. Not only does the film feature a well-dressed baboon driving a military assault vehicle, it also comes fully equipped with a ragtag band of uniquely talented mercenaries, a Raymond Burr lookalike with an eye patch, and a wide assortment of nifty explosions. The last twenty minutes of the film are so deliriously ridiculous that you may have to watch it several times in order to fully appreciate all of the cinematic lunacy taking place at any given moment. Out of all of the cheesy 80’s action flicks I’ve watched thus far, this one ranks as one of my all-time favorites. Only “Death Wish 3” can compare to the bullet-riddled shenanigans contained within. And if you need more Duncan Jax in your diet, be sure to follow this up with “Unmasking the Idol”, which finds our hero battling mean-spirited terrorists once again. Count me in. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate a trailer for this one, but if you’re really curious, it’s currently playing on Netflix.