Forgotten Action Cinema: The Screaming Tiger

Misleading titles to common household action movies often depress me. Of course, I didn’t expect director Lung Chien’s ridiculous 1973 Jimmy Wang Yu vehicle “The Screaming Tiger” (“Screaming Ninja”, “King of Boxers”, et. al.) to contain an actual living, breathing, shrieking Panthera tigris, but something comparable would have been nice. What we’re left to contend with is your standard run-of-the-mill kung fu opus centered around a Chinese guy’s quest to exact a little martial arts revenge on the nefarious individual who murdered his father, nothing more. The numerous fights are fairly enjoyable albeit mostly forgettable, save for an extended sequence at the end of the feature which finds our scrappy hero battling his arch enemy at the crest of an enormous waterfall. The story, its inhabitants, and the twists and turns peppered throughout are typical of this sort of production; if anyone can claim to have never seen anything like this before in their entire life, I shall forever envy their ignorance. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of bad dubbing and oddball moments, as virtually every character has been appointed one seriously overreaching voice actor and several memorable lines ridiculous dialogue. Here’s the one-million dollar question: Do you really want to watch another serviceable martial arts flick that contributes absolutely nothing to the genre? If your answer is a table-thumping, chest-beating yes, “The Screaming Tiger” won’t disappoint. Since there are more than a few second-rate distributors offering this nonsense for next to nothing, paying more than ten bones for this generic Jimmy Wang Yu effort is just silly. Considering I own close to 200 vaguely similar kung fu movies, I suppose I have no room to talk.

Here’s the best trailer I could find. The quality is marginal.