Forgotten Action Cinema: Traxx

“Pumping Iron” producer Jerome Gary’s undeniably goofy 1988 action/farce “Traxx” is typical De Laurentiis buffoonery fueled by radio and voice personality Shadoe Stevens, the man responsible for introducing comic genius Craig Ferguson on The Late Show each and every weeknight on CBS. The film, a spoof of testosterone-driven Rambo-esque vigilante flicks from the 80’s, follows the violent misadventures of former trigger-happy commando Traxx (Stevens), a man who has given up the blood and guts racket for the culinary arts, in particular the creation and distribution of unusual homemade cookies. However, when the man’s baked goods business doesn’t take off the way he’d hoped, Traxx takes a job as a small-town crime exterminator to help fund his quest to create the perfect cookie. Sound ridiculous? Of course it is. “Traxx” packs more shoot-outs, explosions, cliches, and cheesy one-liners into its slim 88 minutes than the entire PM Entertainment filmography combined. What rescues this impossibly silly effort from the pit of cornball despair is its blonde-maned star, who seems to be having more fun than humanly possible with Gary DeVore’s silly little script. Assisting Stevens in his quest to skewer the action genre is professional villain Robert Davi, Priscilla Barnes, and Willard Pugh, all of whom seem to be having a blast with this cheeky, irreverent material. “Traxx” is, simply put, a very 80’s movie, and I doubt it will find an audience outside of those who grew up on this sort of cinematic trash. Watch it with your neighbor who still wears his clingy biker shorts while mowing the yard. He’ll love you for it.

Below is a clip containing some of the best moments from “Traxx”, one of which is Robert Davi farting profusely inside a car. It’s classic.