Forgotten Action Cinema: Twister’s Revenge

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Thank the dark powers of Cthulhu for the boys and girls at Mill Creek Entertainment, the company responsible for dumping all of those insanely enjoyable, genre-themed “50 Movie Pack” DVD sets into bargain bins all across the globe. These things are loaded with a truly remarkable collection of piss-poor motion pictures, the sort of embarrassingly inept low-budget cinema that most people wouldn’t pay two piles of pocket lint to own. I, however, am quickly acquiring quite the collection, and “Drive-In Movie Classics” is probably my favorite of the bunch. My first foray into this wonky anthology is Bill Rebane’s 1987 effort “Twister’s Revenge”, a movie centered around a trio of bumbling would-be thieves as they attempt to steal a computer system from a talking monster truck. That’s right — a talking monster truck. At first I thought this mildly deranged action comedy was geared towards children, that is, until I discovered all of the sleazy sexual innuendos, the coarse language, and the numerous action set pieces that often involve shotgun shoot-outs and monster truck-related carnage. The jokes are ludicrously lame and often incorporate poorly-executed “Three Stooges”-style antics, none of which are particularly original. However, as dodgy as the whole goofy affair may be, it’s still impossibly entertaining, and should thrill those who have the stomach for unintentionally hilarious action/comedies overflowing with dated slapstick humor, whiny monster trucks, and rednecks driving a big-ass tanks through parades. I know you’re out there.

I don’t have a trailer, but I do have this musical number. Enjoy!

Author: Todd Rigney

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