Forgotten Action Cinema: Undefeatable

I’ve been away from the “Forgotten Action Cinema” column for a few weeks now, and I the lack of B-grade goodness in my life has been extremely detrimental to my state of mind. In order to get back on the right track, I’ve decided to spend some time revisiting a genuine trash classic. Enter director Godfrey Ho’s action masterpiece “Undefeatable”, a motion picture which finds martial arts icon Cynthia Rothrock battling it out with a misogynistic psychopath who has mastered a particularly deadly form of self defense. The entire movie is littered with an assortment of goofy fight sequences, laughably ridiculous dialogue, and some very uncomfortable sexual situations. The stilted acting and goofy plotting also add greatly to the flick’s unintentional entertainment; Rothrock’s Asian sidekicks are particularly engaging, adding some admittedly off-color comic relief to the story’s pitch black storyline. Fans of Godfrey Ho will be surprised to know that “Undefeatable” actually feels like a real, honest to God cinematic experience, as opposed to the cut-and-paste hack jobs the director was infamous for during his heyday. Bad action movie aficionados, meanwhile, should squeal with unbridled glee during the picture’s numerous set pieces and 90’s low-budget sensibilities. If the movie’s insanely goofy final showdown doesn’t make you flash your mellow yellows, chances are you’re in the wrong place, pal. “Undefeatable” is, as you can tell, a personal favorite. It should be one of yours, too. Locating a watchable copy isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be, thanks in part to film’s unexpected cult popularity. Dig around. I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere. If nothing else, at least investigate the clip below.

WARNING: Spoilers lurk within the embedded video. Approach with caution.