Former Miss Israel Gal Gadot Gets Fast and Furious

Hold onto your mufflers, car racing fans, because “The Fast and the Furious 4” has just gotten a whole lot hotter. The movie has now added former Miss Israel Gal Gadot to the cast that will see the return of Vin Diesel (who, we hear, was instrumental in getting Gadot the part; hmm, someone has a crush, perhaps?), Paul Walker, and Jordana Brewster to the franchise that essentially made them all big stars. (Well except for Brewster, but definitely the guys).


Seems Jordana Brewster won’t be the only hot piece of tail holding a steering wheel in the new “Fast and the Furious” sequel. Joining the cast of the Vin Diesel/Paul Walker reunion flick is newcomer Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israeli. The face and body of Israel’s Castro clothing line, Gadot was asked to meet with star and producer Diesel after he got wind that she’d “just” missed out on playing a Bond chickie in the upcoming “Quantum of Solace”.

She auditioned opposite Diesel, so that probably means she’ll be his love interest. Some of Miss Gadot’s fine work (and I do mean fine):

Former Miss Israel Gal Gadot Joins Fast and Furious 4