Former Superman Dean Cain vs. the Maneater

Hey, remember Dean Cain? No? Well, you’re probably not the only one. It’s been ages since Dean Cain starred as Superman in the TV series “Lois and Clark” on ABC. Now do you remember? Well Cain hasn’t exactly been lighting the movie world on fire since, but this new movie he’s been cast in sounds promising. It’s called “Maneater”, by writer/director Michael Emanuel, and has Cain probably playing a former FBI profiler that teams up with a small-town sheriff to take on a serial killer based on a Native American legend. Come on, Cain just looks like the former FBI profiler type.

THR has more on the project:

Michael Emanuel has ordered up his human buffet.

The actor-producer has cast Dean Cain, Conrad Janis (“The Cable Guy”), Stephen Lunsford (“Bratz”), Walter Phelan (“House of 1000 Corpses”), Maximillian Roeg (“7th Heaven”) and Lacy Phillips (“Pushing Twilight”) in his directorial debut, “Maneater.”

The horror thriller about a former FBI profiler and small-town sheriff investigating mysterious murders is derived from a Native American legend. Emanuel, repped by AKA, also wrote the screenplay with John K. Anderson.

This thing has Sci Fi Channel Original Movie written all over it. Mind you, not that that’s a bad thing. Oh who am I kidding. Yeah, it’s a pretty bad thing.

But hey, maybe we’re wrong. It’d be nice to see Superman back on his feet and in a decent movie again. I kinda liked “Lois and Clark”…

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