Four Bloody Little Posters for Francis Ford Coppola’s Horror Flick Twixt

Francis Ford Coppola? Doing another horror movie? That sounds pretty awesome. It’s been a while since the acclaimed filmmaker has fooled around with the genre, and “Twist” — a sinister little tale about a writer’s involvement in a spooky old murder case — definitely sounds like a good fit for the director. Below you’ll find four new posters for the upcoming flick, all of which are pretty freaky. Here’s hoping a trailer comes down the pipeline soon.

Peruse this synopsis if you’re curious about the plot:

An aging writer follows his latest book tour to a small town, where he becomes immersed in a real-life murder mystery in this horror film from director Francis Ford Coppola. Later haunted in his dreams by an elusive ghost named V, the writer slowly begins to realize he has an unexpected connection to the gruesome case.

“Twixt” stars Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, and Ben Chaplin. The imagery awaits.

Source: Movielicious