Four Images From The Walking Dead’s Season 4 Mid-Season Return

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead - 409 - After

Man, the last “Walking Dead” episode ended pretty bloody, didn’t it? You had tanks shooting, heads getting hacked off, bodies flying everywhere. And everyone ends up running away in separate directions, with Rick and son on their own, Glenn somewhere, and Michonne, from the looks of these four images from tonight’s episode, back to her old ways. And it looks like she’s not happy about it, too. (Then again, it is Michonne, so maybe this is just her being normal.)

I thought the episode might focus almost entirely on Rick and Carl, but looks like Daryl and Beth will also get some screentime. And Michonne, too, from the looks of the pics.

As the survivors of the prison assault try to regroup, Rick and Carl stumble upon a vacant house in the forest. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth realize they are being watched by someone, and a new threat begins to emerge.

Check out four images from the first episode of “The Walking Dead’s” Season 4 mid-season return below, along with a quick preview.

Chandler Riggs in The Walking Dead - 409 - After

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead - 409 - After

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead - 409 - After