Four Minute Avatar Feature

avatar-movie-image-5James Cameron has a lot riding on Avatar, it appears. There is always the possibility that he’ll be immolated by ardent critics if it doesn’t work out. Opinions, like mileage, may vary, and so it’s important to see the progress that’s being charted.

In the feature below, via Coming Soon, you can see the progress that he has made on the film, which offers a tantalizing look at some measure of the finished product. It has gotten very ambitious, obviously, although the quality isn’t great: it’s hard to see just how good it looks. You can blur the differences between Space Invaders for the Atari and Uncharted, too, if you try hard enough. Fortunately, there are high def trailers if you’re concerned about how the film looks. The more pertinent part of the feature contains interviews with cast and crew that give an idea about how it’s all coming together.