Four New Posters for Straw Dogs Remake

Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Image

Four swanky new posters for Rod Lurie’s (probably) totally unnecessary remake of “Straw Dogs”, a film that once again warns us what we already know, that city slickers and rednecks with guns just don’t mix. To be perfectly honest, rednecks with guns don’t mix well with anything, but you throw in a couple of city slickers, and it’s off the rails right there, folks.

David and Amy Sumner (James Marsden and Kate Bosworth), a Hollywood screenwriter and his actress wife, return to her small hometown in the deep South to prepare the family home for sale after her father’s death. Once there, tensions build in their marriage and old conflicts re-emerge with the locals, including Amy’s ex-boyfriend Charlie (Alexander Skarsgard), leading to a violent confrontation.

Starring Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, James Woods, Dominic Purcell, Willa Holland, Anson Mount, Laz Alonso, Walton Goggins, Rhys Coiro, and Billy Lush.

The fun begins September 16, 2011.

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Straw Dogs (2011) Movie PosterStraw Dogs (2011) Movie Character PosterStraw Dogs (2011) Movie Character PosterStraw Dogs (2011) Movie Character Poster