Fox and Marvel Wheeling and Dealing on Daredevil, Galactus and The Silver Surfer


Daredevil Comic Book Cover by Frank MillerThose of you with your nose in the comic book movie world already know that Fox owns the Fantastic Four characters and most of its immediate universe (including villains), and Marvel would really like them back so they can incorporate the characters into their ever-expanding Cinematic Universe. Marvel may now have some leverage to use on Fox, especially in light of the October 10, 2012 deadline for Daredevil, another Marvel character currently in Fox’s possession. You see, unless Fox gets a “Daredevil” movie up and running by October 10th, the character must be returned to Marvel.

To that end, Fox is looking at director Joe Carnahan (of “A-Team” fame) to direct what they call a “hardcore 70s thriller” take on the character. This will be more in line with the Frank Miller run on the comic book title in the ’80s. Carnahan has no offer, but is said to be Fox’s choice for the job after previously attached director David Slade bailed.

But here’s where things get really interesting: with the deadline for Daredevil fast approaching (they need to be shooting by October 10th), Marvel is said to be willing to give Fox more time … in return for the use of Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

Yup. You read that correctly. Marvel is apparently willing to sell Hell’s Kitchen’s protector in exchange for the rights to use the world-devouring Galactus and his herald, shiny dude Silver Surfer aka Norrin Radd and his funky skateboard in future movies. No doubt this figures prominently into Marvel’s intergalactic expansion of their cinematic universe, what with the “Avengers 2″ and “Guardians of the Galaxy” expected to have a much more space-y feel than previous Marvel films.

As of right now, the two sides are still talking, and it’s apparently all up to Fox to decide if they want to take Marvel’s deal. No doubt Marvel is hoping to wash the stink of Fox’s treatment of Galactus and Silver Surfer out of everyone’s mouth in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”. If Fox turns it down, they’ll be scrambling to get their “Daredevil” reboot into production by October 10th. And then there’s the Josh Trank “Fantastic Four” reboot to consider. Does Trank have need of the two characters, too?

So, so many possibilities…


Deadline chimes in, saying that it’s unlikely Fox will relinquish their control of Galactus and the Silver Surfer, and that what Fox really wants is for Marvel’s parent company, Disney to co-produce/fund their “Daredevil” movie. Failing that, they are apparently willing to lose The Man Without Fear.

The good news here? Whatever Fox decides to do — share Galactus/Silver Surfer or lose Daredevil — it’s win-win for Marvel Studios fans.

Galactus and the Silver Surfer Comic Book

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Author: Nix

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  • TheStrongestThereIs.Com

    I think this could be a ploy by Marvel to ultimately take back their characters after Fox fails again to reboot the Fantastic 4 (Because they already proved they can’t do Doom Right…and that would be all they had left after losing Surfer and the Big guy). I don’t like that they get to keep one of my favorite characters longer, but they will screw that up as well unless they can pull another First Class out of their butts, which I won’t believe until I see.
    (My complete thoughts at )

    • Dedpool

      Wait what? Come on TSTI are you kidding? Doom and Galactus all the FF have? Kree? Skrulls? Super Skrull? Ronan? Blastaar? Annihilus? Mole man? Shall I go on? While I am a fan of the first two FF films, i do realize they were by no means perfect. That said a reboot by Trank can work. Look at Vaughn’s First Class? It revitalized the X-men with a proper take and story, and it wasn’t even a reboot. Amazing Spiderman is another example. But I am really hoping that Fox loses Daredevil.

      • TheStrongestThereIs.Com

        When I say all the FF have, I mean, all that Fox could possibly do right in a film, and what the common viewer can take. Galactus is still up in the air on the latter. As I pointed out in my article, Fox screwed up Doom and their treatment of the Marvel characters is juvenile. First Class was the first Fox film, dealing with Marvel Ip’s, that it felt like they gave half of a Sh*t about anything that had been written before outside of a very glossed over understanding of how the character was first portrayed. They don’t get it! Also, you have me on the Superskrull thing, but I’m not so certain they actually Have the superskrull in their contract. Anyone know? I have more than enough faith in Trank and what he could do with the property. I have no faith in FOX letting him do it. Same story as always with them. Its why we lost Darren Aranovsky on Wolverine.

        • Dedpool

          Superskrulls and Skrulls in general I beleive are at Fox because of their FF connection. That’s why when Avengers was being made everyone was speculating on the aliens being Skrulls, but they weren’t allowed to use them because Fox has the rights. As for Doom, I think their version was okay and had they explored some of his mystical background, like have him trying to gain mystical power to get his face back and save his mom’s soul that would’ve been great. That said I think the way they tied Doom to the FF was interesting and a way around trying to bring all the mysticism in. I really think Julian McMahon was decent but they didn’t give him enough to do, and he just HAD to have his mask off in the second film. I’m 50/50 with the way they handled him. I liked some stuff but hated others. The second film should;ve been them going to Latveria and dealing with Doom there and the third about Galactus and Surfer.

          • TheStrongestThereIs.Com

            Agreed with the projected 2nd and 3rd movie for FF. I also liked who they got to play doom, but the moment they put the mask on him, was the moment his characters started to lose relevance and skew away from what he could have been. You are definitely correct on the skrulls and superskrull thing, I do remember that coming up. Doom, to me, is arguably the best villain in the Marvel Universe, which is why I see their treatment of him as such a tragedy. In the end. We will see how this all plays out. Always a pleasure.

          • Dedpool

            I too love me some Doom! Only Doom can speak in the 3rd person and sound badass!!!

  • Juggernaut

    As much as I’d like to see Marvel Studios version of The Man Without Fear, I’d much rather have a few characters who would lead to a more cohesive cinematic universe for the house of ideas. Josh Trank could make a decent franchise for the FF without Galactus and Silver Surfer. There are many unused villains and plots for Marvel’s first family to explore.

  • LionHeart

    Take the deal and miss the new deadline, Fox. >: D

    By the way, are the other deadline’s public knowledge, Nix? If so, someone point my in the direction, because I’d love to keep tabs on all the Marvels that are out-of-bounds.

    • TheStrongestThereIs.Com

      I’ll try to do some leg work and figure this out.

    • Nix

      There isn’t that many to keep track of. Marvel has very smartly gotten back a lot of their character licenses (Punisher and Blade last few years) but some are still out there. Fox has the Daredevil and Elektra, the X-Men movies, and FF. Sony/Columbia will never, ever give up Spidey and Ghost Rider. (Okay, maybe they’ll give up Ghost Rider one of these days…, but never, ever Spidey.)

      • Juggernaut

        Is there even a reason to have another Ghost Rider movie after Spirit Of Vengence. Ugh, it was sooooo bad! I really had high hopes for it and was severely dissapointed. The first one was no classic but atleast it was visually and conceptually grounded in the same realm as the comics. SOV was just a reason to be over the top. Hopefully all of Marvel’s characters will be picked back up and we can get good representations of them.

  • Lexavi80

    I would have LOVED to see Galactus and Silver Surfer on the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I know that won’t happen though. They’re just too big characters and Fox won’t lose them.

    Seems to be Daredevil will be back home soon. Again, I think that’s good too.

  • Gkatgb

    Marvel owns NAMOR THAT will be a character to see in an FF film, and he could fall in love with Sue. Oh the possibilities!

  • Jay

    Namor is fine but I would like to see Galactus again and this time his actual face and form not some cloud in the sky. But a giant humanoid setting up his machine in downtown Manhattan to suck the energy from the earth. It would be terrifying and fantastic.

  • R_uptain

    It is a good time for all the rights to go back to marvel, or at least work out an agreement to lend rights/actors to other projects, for the sake of storytelling itself, the absolute greates thing about marvel is that anyone could end up anywhere, fantastic four eating lunch with the avengers, daredevil and spiderman working the ame mystery, personally i think the micheal morbius story arc for spiderman would be an excelllent reboot point for blade, and now the whole world has seen the avengers, the mutant phenomenon should begin, with the anti mutant protests, and such,, all rights should go back to marvel, all franchises will suffer without some for of unity

  • Ed Norton

    I wonder how Dr. Strange fits in Marvel’s future plans, if at all?

  • David Redhawk-DaSilva

    Just give back all the characters to Disney/marvel and lets get these movies done the right way! And Give them the chance to do Ghost Rider the right way with someone the appropriate age in his twenties and Roxanne to being blonde.