Fox and McG Get Ruin’ed

Ruin Short Film

Who doesn’t like a good ol post-apocalyptic chase movie? Fox and director McG (“Terminator: Salvation”) do. The director and studio have joined forces to pick up the short film “Ruin” from Wes Ball, with the idea to turn it into a live-action feature film with franchise possibilities.

McG is coming onboard as producer, because Ball, who directed the 8-minute short film (really, just 7 minutes of actual footage, see in for yourself below), will also direct the big screen version of “Ruin”. Ball will co-write the script with T.S. Nowlin for McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision shingle.

“Ruin” is a CG animated short film set “in a post-apocalyptic universe”, and is basically one extended chase sequence between a guy in a baseball hat riding a bike being chased by a Hunter-Killer-esque flying machine. Which I guess makes the fact that McG got involved in this somewhat appropriate, since he was the last guy to direct a “Terminator” movie.

This actually looks a bit like that “Life Without People” TV show crossed with a “Terminator” movie, too…

RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo.

Via : THR