Fox Cancels Almost Human After One Season

ALMOST HUMAN TV Series Cast Photo

To absolutely on one’s surprise, Fox has put the kibosh on Karl Urban and Michael Ealy’s sci-fi cop TV show “Almost Human,” ending the series after just one season. “Almost Human” starred Urban as a hardnosed cop partnered up with an android played by Ealy. The show’s running gag was that the robot was more human than the human.

The show never really caught on with viewers despite a strong start, which was a clear indicator it wasn’t going to last for very long. A show this expensive had to perform in the ratings, and it simply didn’t.

Which is a shame, because “Almost Human” had high production values and easy-to-get-into storylines. The leads were charming, the episodes were (for the most part) pretty well-written, and the futuristic setting made it novel in today’s TV landscape.

Alas, that wasn’t enough to save the J.J. Abrams-produced show, which will, in all likelihood, be quickly forgotten. Like I said — while “Almost Human” was good, it was never “wow” TV, and it never really did anything that would make you stand up and take notice. It was just too safe — a familiar cop procedural wrapped up in shiny gadgets and funny one-liners.

I dug the show, but apparently most people didn’t.