Fox Cancels The Finder and Alcatraz, Renews Touch


Alcatraz TV PosterJ.J. Abrams is one for two with the Fox network — a scant week after the network renewed the “Lost” producer’s “Fringe” for a fifth and final season, the network has officially axed his time-traveling cop procedural “Alcatraz”, the muddled mess of a show that never really took off. The good news? Now Sam Neill and that big guy from “Lost” can go find something else more coherent to spin their time on.

The network has also axed the “Bones” spin-off show “The Finder”, a show that I actually really liked, and will surely miss. You don’t get a lot of mentally “off” heroes on TV, and “The Finder” had a great one in Walter Sherman. Alas, alas…

In the other good news front, fans of Kiefer Sutherland’s “Touch” can rejoice — the network has renewed the show for a second season. Sutherland stars as a single dad whose son either has special powers or is really, really good with math. Frankly, I haven’t a clue. The show is from Tim Kring, the creator of “Heroes” and before that, “Crossing Jordan”.

I never really got into “Touch”, and frankly, I was hoping for a quick death so Sutherland can start getting that “24” movie made already. Hopefully this won’t mean the movie is put on hold, but who knows, Fox is so weird about getting the “24” movie made, by the time they actually get around to making it happen, Jack Bauer may be too old to fight terrorism. Dammit!

Kiefer Sutherland and David Mazouz in Touch

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  • Dedpool

    That’s upsetting I too liked “The Finder.” “Alcatraz” was okay but it didn’t have enough umph for me. Too much mystery set up without enough payoff. And “Touch” I could care less about. Oh well.

  • Whitetiger8282


  • Vigolala

    I really liked The Finder! I thought it was clever and different than a lot of shows on TV! I was soooo hoping for a second season!!!

  • Kathleen M. Tripp

    My husband and I both like the Finder(very quirky and the way things were found just a little bit over the top)but we enjoyed it for the entertainment value… I do not understand why the networks don’t give decent shows a chance… I don’t think any of us people in the real world have figured out 1/2 the time when shows are on and where they are not… I feel that 1/2 the time I do not even want to bother getting involved in new shows because before you even have a chance to get into them they are already cancelled…

  • Zkzszz

    Keep The Finder, It’s unique and interesting.
    Lose Bones. Bones has jumped the shark.