Fox Has Axed Travis Beacham’s Hieroglyph Before It’s Even Aired a Single Episode

Max Brown, Antony Bunsee, Travis Beacham, Kelsey Chow, Reece Ritchie, Condola Rashad and Caroline Ford in Hieroglyph TV Series

Hunh. Maybe Fox finally got around to watching “Pacific Rim,” the movie that “Hieroglyph” creator Travis Beacham wrote. How else do you explain why the network has suddenly axed the ancient Egypt-set show before it’s even aired its first (and only shot) episode? Frankly, after seeing “Pacific Rim,” I wouldn’t let Beacham go near an elementary school play.

Anyways, if you’ve seen the trailer for the show (conveniently, it’s embedded below) you can tell that it’s one expensive looking production. Networks rarely, rarely put the ax to a show they’ve clearly spent a good amount of money on without giving it at least a season (see “Terra Nova” and more recently, “Almost Human”), and according to EW, actually gave a straight-to-series order earlier this year.

I guess they, uh, changed their minds.

Created by Beacham, the show starred Max Brown, Reece Ritchie, Condola Rashad and John Rhys-Davies, and followed “a notorious thief [who] is plucked out of [prison] to serve a Pharaoh obsessed with maintaining power.” It has been compared to the likes of “Game of Thrones” for its palace intrigue and fantastical elements.

EW was told the cancellation is because the show “wasn’t creatively coming together the way [Fox] executives had hoped.” They shoulda put aliens in this thing and made the pyramids into flying saucers. It worked for “Stargate” and that show ran for what, 50 years?

I gotta give Fox credit, though. Usually they wait until the show builds an audience and then cancels it, thus pissing off all those fans. Now they’re killing a show before it even has a chance to develop a fanbase. That’s progress, I guess.