Fox is Officially Developing a Deadpool Spin-Off Movie

Coming hot on the heels of news from earlier in the day that Fox and Hugh Jackman were already looking at a sequel to “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” that would take the hairy mutant to Japan, comes the even hotter news hat Fox is officially developing a “Deadpool” movie starring Ryan Reynolds as the mouthy merc. And it appears they’re going to do what they should have done with Deadpool’s appearance in “Wolverine”, namely keeping the mouthy merc, well, mouthy instead of sewing it shut. Really, WTF was that about again?

According to THR, Reynolds is still attached to play Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), in a movie simply called “Deadpool”. The film would be a prequel of sorts, and explore Deadpool’s roots. “X-Men Origins: Deadpool”-ish in narrative, if you will.

The other good news is that Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel Studios will produce the film. Not so much Donner, but Marvel Studios getting some kind of control over Deadpool should ensure a more faithful version of the comic book mercenary than his appearance in “Wolverine.” In fact, can we just pretend Deadpool was never in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, and just go back to the basics? Pretty please?

Those who saw “Wolverine” might have caught this easter egg ending with Deadpool, but in case you got the Logan in a bar one, here it is. It’s dark as hell, but someone was nice enough to close-caption it for ya.

Below: “Now where’d I put that mask…”