Fox Lied to Us, Hitman Director WAS Fired

Gee, would you believe that? A movie studio actually lied to us. What’s next, girls will start liking guys who gives them roses? Perish the thought! Remember that story (and the denial) about French director Xavier Gens being fired from his movie “Hitman” in favor of someone else that the studio sent in to edit out some of the violence out of “Hitman”? The studio claimed that wasn’t the case and blah blah blah. But now, according to the dudes over at CHUD, Gens was in fact fired, but as to the amount of violence that was cut — eh, that’s still maybe, maybe-not. According to actor Timothy Olyphant, who plays the lead, he doesn’t think anything was cut.


First off, Timothy Olyphant confirmed that director Xavier Gens was fired, and that Gens did not participate in reshoots. Olyphant also said he had very little contact with producer Luc Besson, who this time out perhaps wasn’t as hands-on as his reputation suggests.

Rumors have flown about the film’s violence being cut, but Olyphant claims there was never any discussion about how much violence was too much, and that loads of violent content have not yet hit the floor. Devin’s paraphrase to me was that Olyphant stated the film would be forty-five minutes long if they cut all the violence.

I was never that big a fan of the games, and I’m not sure if it even matters if they cut some of the blood splatters out of “Hitman” or not. Fans of the game will flock to see it anyway, and everyone else, well, probably not so much.