Fox Officially Hires Max Landis to Write Chronicle Sequel

Max LandisWhen actors or filmmakers claim that a sequel is already in the “works” before their film even opens, it behooves the movie blogger to take the “news” with a healthy grain of salt. That is, after all, standard operating procedure nowadays. Just as no one makes one genre movie anymore, everyone is trying to start a whole new franchise or, more trendy, a trilogy.

But when a film like “Chronicle” has already opened and earned well beyond its measly production budget (in this case, 10 times over), news that the writer of the original has been hired by the studio to start work on a sequel is something worth mulling over.

That’s the news out of Deadline, which, in a first for the site, is very short on details. Heck, the whole news item is there in the headline. The post body is just filled with information you already know about the movie. Yeah, I guess it goes without saying that Deadline is breaking in a new writer.

In any case, this is certainly good news for fans of the first movie, since usually the first casualty of sequels is the original writer. Sure, everyone crams for the director and star to come back, but the writer always gets the shaft. Good to see that’s not the case here. And since Landis co-wrote/created the first movie with director Josh Trank (who is already attached to a “Venom” movie himself), it should be fun to see where he goes with the sequel. Certainly, the ending of “Chronicle” left plenty of room for a sequel. Or, possibly, sequels.

Max Landis, by the way, besides being the guy who wrote the first “Chronicle”, is also the creator (and the guy in the tie) of this little web gem about the Death of Superman. People have nitpick the short film as not being entirely accurate, which misses the point: it’s hilarious.