Fox is Optimistic Josh Trank Will Reboot The Fantastic Four Franchise for Them


Fantastic Four Comic Book CoverDuring the lead-up to the premiere of “Chronicle”, director Josh Trank was being courted by every movie studio with a superhero character it seems. Before he eventually landed on Sony’s “Venom” movie, one of the comic book properties he was being sought for was Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot. With the commitment to “Venom”, it was believed any possibility of him also doing “Fantastic Four” was kaput. Turns out, perhaps not.

20th Century Fox head honcho Tom Rothman, during what was apparently a marathon session with MTV over at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week, seemed very optimistic that Trank could still reboot “Fantastic Four” for them. And if not also direct, then help develop the property and produce:

I’m hopeful. I think Josh is going to come onto ‘Fantastic Four’ and develop that.

There’s also the matter of a sequel to “Chronicle”, which was already greenlit by the studio when it hired Max Landis to penned the script. Of course, no word on rather Trank, who co-wrote the original, will also return to direct that one.

The guy does seem to have his hands full at the moment, with not only “Venom”, but a live-action adaptation on the comic book “Red Star” in the works. And you gotta think he’s feeling a bit constricted here, with only comic book properties being thrown his way. Then again, hey, it’s nice to be wanted, right?

Director Josh Trank on the set of Chronicle (2012) Movie Image

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  • Juggernaut

    Mr. Fantastic- Guy Pearce
    Invisible Woman- Naomi Watts
    Human Torch- Mike Vogel
    Thing- Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    • Dedpool

      I could see that!! Though I could see Pierce as Doom more. But with that cast I’d say why not Christian Bale? From Dark Knight dective to second smarrtest man in the world and ruler of Latveria. But if not, then I’d go with Tony Curran, or Michael Sheen.

      • Juggernaut

        My choice for Reed has always been Pearce. He possesses that balance of being the smartest guy in the room/meek and meger and guy who can come through in the clutch. His role in L.A. Confidential conveyed that perfectly. I’d like to see Mads Mikkelson from Casino Royale as Victor.

  • rodney

    oh, for crying out loud! can’t we move on to something else different for a change like MACHINE MAN,

  • Jazz Liberator

    If they can do this CORRECTLY this time then bring in Silver Surfer and make this film properly. Honestly though, I’d rather that Marvel Studios get the Fantastic Four back in their hands and give the fans an exciting piece of authenticity for comic book fans.

  • 1080terrieh

    I still like the old version of Fantastic four with Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. But now he’s playing Captain America. I like it even more after watching it again on FXM. lol It’s playing a marathon of Fantastic four part 1 and 2 again and again. FXM likes playing the movies twice

    • Michael Salt Thompkins

      Dude, all of the characters were butchered by Fox

      • Dedpool

        I gotta disagree. Evans and Chicklis were perfect as Torch and thing. Like Spot on! Alba was the weak link for me. Mcmahon was decent as Doom, but they didn’t do enough with him. Too much pining over Sue and feeling jilted. He was definitely more like the Doom I know in Rise of the Silver Surfer, but still could’ve been more. And Grofuld did a decent job as Reed, even making him somewhat likeable (espeically that one scene in Rise where he confronts the General) I think they did a decent job, but they can definitely do better, and like the transition from the Raimi Spiderman films to the Amazing I think it could be done. No idea who i’d have for a new cast.

        • Juggernaut

          While I think Evans and Chiklis weren’t bad choices I’d have casted different actors in the roles. I really think that if the franchise is rebooted they should hold off on Doom and give us another villain like Batman Begins and what it looks like The Man Of Steel Is doing with Lex Luthor. The Frightful Four would be cool. After the FF form the other FF is created by a shadowy organization to defeat them. At the end it’s revealed that their funding was coming from a Latverian account.
          Wizard- Mandy Patinkin (Criminal Minds, The Princess Bride)
          Puppet Master- Richard Jenkins (Let Me In, The Visitor)
          Hydro Man- Michael Beihn (Tombstone, Terminator)
          Titania- Valerie Waugaman (American Gladiators 2008 “Siren”)

          • Dedpool

            I like. I’d change the group up though to incldue the line up they had in the “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes,” Which was Trapster, Wizard, Dragon Man, and Klaw. Though the membership has had so many, I think they can switch Klaw out too. I’d just like to have villains without an attatchment to other heroes like Hydro man is a Spidey Villain, Klaw is a Black Panther/ Avengers villain, though he’s faced the FF a bunch too. Maybe medusa or Thundra.