FOX Renews Human Target for Second Season

Dude, FOX has renewed “Human Target” for a second season! Dude! (Sorry, that was my best Guerrero impression.)

Anyways, I have to admit, the first couple of episodes of “Human Target” didn’t exactly blow me away, though that may be because I had already seen the pilot at Comic Con, and didn’t have major enthusiasm going into the show’s official premiere. But it really picked up some steam as it chug along towards its first season finale, with the always delightful Amy Acker guest-starring as the woman who changed former assassin-turned-bodyguard Christopher Chance’s life around.

“Human Target” didn’t exactly set the world on fire ratings-wise in its first season, but it’s a decent action-adventure show set in the present, and mostly devoid of expensive effects, so the fact that it probably doesn’t cost all that much to produce may have helped the network to make their decision. Or maybe they just realized that aside from a bunch of generic, mildly talented 20-somethings trying to make it as singers and shows about a vulgar Brit in a kitchen, they really don’t have much going on that can be considered a somewhat proven commodity. And there won’t be Jack Bauer to kick around anymore next year, though I suppose Christopher Chance might make a decent replacement.

In any case, there’s a bigger question at hand: with his movie career taking off like a rocket, it will be interesting to see how much longer Jackie Earle Haley remains on the show. His mysterious Guerrero is easily the best thing about “Human Target”, which is strange to say considering that he only has about 10 minutes of screentime each show, compared to star Mark Valley, who is onscreen almost the entire time.

'Dude, thanks for the shout out! Muchos gracias.'