Fox Sets Release Dates for Fantastic Four 2, Wolverine 3, and a Mystery Movie


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If you were one of those Marvelites hoping and praying that 20th Century Fox would eventually give up making comic book movies and hand their Marvel properties back over to Marvel, I’m sorry to say, it’s not going to happen anytime soon, kids.

The studio has officially set release dates for not only Josh Trank’s reboot of “Fantastic Four,” but they apparently like where everything is going enough to also set a release date for its sequel as well. The Trank movie will open June 19, 2015, with the sequel now set for July 14, 2017.

Besides two “Fantastic Four” movies, the studio has also set a third “Wolverine” entry for March 3, 2017, presumably before Hugh Jackman gets too old to make a convincing immortal warrior.

Not to sit on their laurels, the studio is also making noise about a mysterious Marvel movie, currently set for July 13, 2018.

Is the mystery movie Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse”? Or perhaps that X-Men/Fantastic Four team-up that’s been rumored? It would make sense, since the X-Men and Fantastic Four are the main properties the studio is working on at the moment.

All of this seems to be further proof that Fox is dead serious about forming their own Fox Cinematic Movie Universe, ala what Marvel has been doing. Simon Kinberg, last we heard, was running the show over there. Forward thinking? Sure, but in light of the mega bucks Marvel has been pulling in with their own interconnected universe, this is mostly a case of monkey see, monkey do.

Knowing Fox, they’ll probably end up finding a way to screw it up somehow.

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  • Juggernaut

    I’m in for a third Wolverine film, FF and FF2 not so much! Although I have seen absolutely nothing of the reboot thus far it will be a Redbox rental at best. X-men movies are sure to keep churning out but I’d really like to see them branch out and develope an X-Force or X-Factor series.

  • Lexavi80

    “Knowing Fox, they’ll probably end up finding a way to screw it up somehow”

    Sir, I love you!

  • JasOn Vu

    I don’t want to be mean, but the casting choice for the fantastic four was already a bad decision. Fox is like sony, they are just trying to squeeze what ever is left of the character. That spiderman reboot was uncall for, and i don;t expect the sequel to be any better.

    • Dedpool

      Amazing Spiderman is the Spiderman I’ve always wanted. More like the comics, even with changes, and I’m not a person that needs to stick to the source material slavishly. Garfield is a much better choice for the character, in both the Peter and Spidey role. Emma Stone is more interesting as Gwen than Dunst was as MJ, and I’m really liking the angle of teasing or hinting at things but building to them slowly.