FOX TV Doubling Down on Shows About Female CIA Spies

FOX Network LogoBut this is FOX, after all, so maybe they’re thinking that, eventually, only one of these shows will make it to air? I wouldn’t put it past them. Who knows what kind of mystical thinking goes on in the FOX network boardrooms. It’s spooky, I hear.

In any case, the network is apparently very interested in dramas about the CIA, starring women who are, we suspect, badass CIA spies. Kinda like what the USA Network is doing with “Covert Affairs” and ABC did with “Alias”, except, you know, more FOX-ier.

The first show is “The Asset”, from former “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” writer/producer Josh Freidman, which has already been given a pilot order from the network. The hour-long drama is described as “a character-driven drama set in the New York office of the CIA, which centers on a female agent.”

The second show to get a pilot order from the network doesn’t have a title yet, but will definitely skew younger than Freidman’s CIA show. This one will revolve around “the orphaned 17-year-old daughter of a CIA operative who is recruited to become an operative herself.” It’s from Karyn Usher (“The Playboy Club”) and Mary Adelstein.

Meanwhile, if you absolutely can’t wait to get your kickass female CIA spy on, don’t hesitate to give the USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” a shot. It’s not all bad, and stars Piper Perabo as one gosh-darn cute CIA babe. Plus, it’s got the guy from “Jake 2.0” playing a blind CIA guy. Yes, because the CIA couldn’t find any better options than a a blind guy to put in charge of your domestic national safety. Did I mention Piper Perabo is wicked cute on the show?

Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs TV Show