Fox Wants Josh Trank to Direct The Fantastic Four Reboot

Josh TrankBut only if Trank’s movie “Chronicle” doesn’t tank at the box office when it opens later next month. Which seems, er, a tad douchey, but that’s apparently what the trades are reporting. Though apparently the expectation is that he will end up helming the sequel.

Fox has been trying to reboot “Fantastic Four” since 2009, with what started as a “crazy” rumor that eventually became reality in 2010. The previous two movies have combined for around $600 million in worldwide box office, and were both directed by Tim Story. The second film was supposed to launch a Silver Surfer solo movie, but the lackluster showing of the sequel killed that idea pretty fast. Making Galactus into a friggin’ killer cloud certainly didn’t help.

Josh Trank is the director “Chronicle”, the Found Footage comic book movie that isn’t actually based on a comic book, about three friends who get telekinetic powers after they discover something mysterious in the ground. When one of the friends, a bullied boy, begins using his powers for evil, the other two have to stop him. The film started off small but has really picked up steam in the last few weeks, so much so that I’m thinking the studio is expecting big things from it given how much money they’re starting to pump into the movie’s ads.

Plus, given the comic book premise of “Chronicle”, I guess it makes perfect sense to give Trank the “Fantastic Four” reboot. If nothing else, it would be interesting to see what he does with a movie that relies more on traditional filmmaking techniques. He certainly couldn’t do worse than the garbage Story threw at the screen in part two, though.

Fantastic Four Comic Book

Via : Variety