Fox Will Probably (Though Has Not Yet Officially) Cancel 24

God, I hope so. Look, I love “24”. I love Jack Bauer, as much as a man can love another man without living in sin together or going to a mountain retreat to complete one another, but man, Bauer’s time has come and gone, and I think it’s a good idea to end the show now before it starts flopping around on the beach like a dead fish, which, let’s face it, is what the current Season 8 is already doing. “24” has aged and it shows. So it’s best to end the show now and jump right into a “24” movie before star Keifer Sutherland gets “too old for this shit” as Murtaugh would say.

So what’s the word on the fate of “24”? It doesn’t look too god, with various media outlets floating the idea that the show is all but canceled and won’t be back for a Season 9. Right now, the show’s Season 8 ratings are still decent, but not spectacular, and considering the show’s high cost of production, Fox may not be seeing a whole lot of reasons to keep making the show for so little return. Of course, the fact that it can throw out 50 episodes of “American Idol” per week probably helps it to make that decision.

Fox has not officially said either way, but the general consensus among the media types is that Season 8 is the final day for “24” the TV show. Of course, they could all be wrong and Fox can shock everyone by renewing it later this week, but that seems unlikely.

Or is it? Jack Bauer has survived tougher scrapes, after all…

See? Jack Bauer is taking the news of impending cancellation pretty well.