Fox’s Human Target: Two Episodes in and I’m Already Bored

Anyone watching Fox’s “Human Target”? It’s an action-adventure show based on a comic book, but the show barely resembles a comic book. Fox has been pushing the show pretty hard — two weeks in and we’ve already gotten three episodes, albeit the pilot was shown twice in the space of one week, with the second episode shown last night. I have to admit, I was looking forward to show, but two episodes in and I’m already feeling very, very bored.

The problem could be that I saw the pilot episode at Comic Con, and I was expecting the second episode, last night’s “Rewind” to be better. After all, didn’t they have months to refine it? As far as I can tell, the pilot episode (which guest-starred Tricia Helfer as the damsel-in-distress of the week) was unchanged from the Comic Con screening, so what exactly were the show’s creators doing in-between then and now, that the result is a ho-hum “Rewind”? Here’s how you can tell that an episode is average: when it utilizes the gimmicky non-linear, time-jumping narrative, and it still feels … bleh.

The only real highlight of last night’s “Human Target” was seeing the large Chi McBride in a flight attendant’s uniform, but really, that was only good for a couple of chuckles. We learn a little bit more about Mark Valley’s Christopher Chance through his interaction with the episode’s assassin du jour, though I can’t say if the mystery is worth following this show for the next year or two. Ironically, given Fox’s track record when it comes to mediocre shows, “Human Target” will probably last longer than if it was, you know, actually inventive and, well, good.

The show’s best asset continues to be Jackie Earle Haley as the information gatherer Guerrero, who has a way of looking at you that makes you very uneasy and threatened, despite the fact that he barely comes up to your ankles. I wonder where the show is going once Haley jumps ship, because let’s face it, with his burgeoning movie career he’s probably not going to stay on for very much longer.

Emmanuelle Vaugier